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FBI Intentionally Hid Hunter Biden Laptop Story…

And worse actually deflected it as Russian propaganda to help Biden’s election Click Here for Details

My Son Hunter…

Watch the movie the media and Democrats don’t want you to see Click Here for Story

Digital Currency…The Ultimate Control

Give the government absolute power over your bank account and they will control everything about you Click Here for Story

Railroad Strike Still Possible?

Was the strike merely delayed? Click Here for Details

Defining diversity down: GLWA’s effort to promote inclusion relies on expansive definitions

Detroit-based water provider says it awarded 65% of its big contracts, last cycle, to small or minority businesses — but check the fine print

DeSantis Rolls On…

Let's Call DeSantis's Migrant Stunt What It Is—Kidnapping | The Nation

Fund raising spike for DeSantis campaign as we holds liberals accountable Click Here for Story

Now We See How Liberals Really Feel About Illegal Immigrants

Immigration activist compares illegals to trash and NBC tweets (then removes it) Click Here for Details

They Used the Overplayed Covid Rules to Control You…

Next they’ll use the Climate scam Click Here for Details

Ugh…Wall Street

Biden’s bad policies moves from destroying Main Street to destroying Wall Street Click Here for Story

When Will Fauci Pay for His Lies?

Anthony Fauci's security is stepped up as doctor and face of U.S.  coronavirus response receives threats - The Washington Post

Fauci mislead Congress but the Biden Admin is protecting him? Click Here for Story

China Adds Another Hand Into the Biden Admin

It gets clearer every day that China seems to be controlling the Biden Administration Click Here for Details

More Zuckerberg Election Interference

Scientists funded by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative urge Facebook CEO to curb  misinformation - The Verge

Where and when will Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook be investigated for election interference Click Here for Story

Creepy Biden Orders?

Biden branded 'creepy' over hands-on ceremony

What are some of the more disturbing items in Biden’s latest Executive Order? Click Here for Details

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