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Medicare Woes

How do we fix Medicare as it nears running out of money? Click Here for Story

How Joe Rogan Beat Covid Quickly

The CDC’s protocols aren’t designed for health recovery they’re designed to make money for vaccine manufacturers? Click Here for Details

Michigan Attorney General Posts Photo Of Herself Violating CDC Face Mask Guidelines

Dana Nessel and Congresswoman Haley Stevens both appear maskless


6 planes filled with Americans and allies are trapped at northern Afghan airport by Taliban Click Here for Details

Northern Lower Peninsula Health District Imposes School Mask Mandate

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The Search for Longevity

Altos Labs is the latest long life research company put together by the rich Click Here for Story

Taliban Complete Their Victory?

With American weapons and vehicle the Taliban have now crushed all resistance Click Here for Story

American Education Dropping

While American education system looks at diversity and wokeness the Chinese become masters of STEM research in schools Click Here for Details


General Milley now says we will see more terrorism in Afghanistan Click Here for Story

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