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Serious Problem ?

Dick Morris: Chief Justice Roberts Will End Up Deciding Election

Chief Justice Roberts could decide 2020 Election? Click Here for Story

What You Don’t Want

Biden naming his cabinet will not end well for America Click Here for Story

POTUS Coming to Michigan

President Trump to visit Michigan’s Bay area Click Here for Story

News Story

Word ‘Epidemic’ Missing From Law Whitmer Bases Unilateral Governance On

‘Epidemic’ does appear in the emergency law that limits how long she can go solo

Being Unpatriotic Doesn’t Play Well

Grocery store tried to ban American flag masks and has to back track Click Here for Story

Democrats Already Sabotaging Election?

Michigan’s Soros backed Secretary of State says it won’t be election day it will be election week? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

The first passenger V-wing jetliner? Click Here for Story

Recalling Newsom

Volunteers swarming to get rid of California Governor Click Here for Story

The Warning is Clear

Crossroads decision in November Click Here for Story

Fleeing New York

Democrat policies are destroying big cities and those who flee them need to learn their lesson…DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT Click Here for Details

Media Lies Hurt Our Military

The Atlantic is anti-American Click Here for Story

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