The News YOU Need to Know November 11, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

No Accountability From the Biden White House

America’s credit rating is taking a hit and the White House wants to blame Republicans instead of their own disastrous over taxing and over spending policies Click Here for Story

Nessel distances self from AG opinion in lawsuit response

AG argues that the interpretation driving Michigan tax law is “not at issue” in suit

Go Figure? Another Corrupt Democrat?

NYC Mayor Eric Adam gets dell phones and Ipad seized by FBI. IS it corruption or did he just anger the Biden Administration? Click Here for Details

Gotion project brings 5 job losses in Green Township

Voters in 2 districts punish supporters of heavily subsidized battery plantRead more

UFOs or Terrestrial Enemies?

What exactly is the Pentagon admitting Click Here for Story

Democrats Showcase Their Injustice System

Minorities who feel they are hurt by the justice system are supporting Trump because they see the injustice being brought against him Click Here for Story

Middle East Battle Lines

Getting past the bias and looking at facts Click Here for Details

Body Language on Republican Debate

How id DeSantis fare? Click Here for Story

Biden Support By Obama is Gone?

Many ask who has been running the Biden Admin and now Obama seems to be turning on Joe Biden? Click Here for Details

Fighting Back Against Engoron

Rep Stefanik files Judicial Complaint against Judge in NY Trump civil case Click Here for Story

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