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And On to Court Packing

Biden orders court packing study to push another destructive measure to our Constitution Click Here for Story

Dems Are Scared of The Truth

Democrats are fighting election audits in Arizona Click Here for Details

How The Union Contract And Bogus Merit Pay Hurt Teacher Of The Year Finalist

She gets $48,809, which is less than the average teacher pay in the district Read more

SCOTUS Approves Two Tiered Justice System

Protects Hillary Clinton from testifying ? Click Here for Details

Face Mask Pollution

Another bad side affect of the masking scam Click Here for Details

Domestic Terrorism

BIden puts millions toward fighting domestic terrorism but will they go after violent BLM and Antifa? Click Here for Story

Caribbean Volcano

Eruption on St.Vincent Click Here for Details

Appeaser in Chief

Biden bows to Iran and will lift sanctions with nothing in return Click Here for Story

Lack of Leadership

Kamala Harris visits a bakery, Chicago, IL, Apr. 6

Biden put Harris in charge of the border crisis but she is nowhere to be found Click Here for Story

Will This Be Swept Under the Rug?

Report confirms the infamous Biden laptop DOES belong to Hunter Biden Click Here for Details

Phony Joe

Biden statements on gun control mostly lies? Click Here for Details

Your Tax Dollars Going Where?

migrant children play soccer

$60 million a week to house illegals Click Here for Details

Another State Seeks to Secure Gun Rights

Arizona pushes back against Gun Grabber Joe Click Here for Story

Cloning Trump Policies

Despite Biden’s rhetoric against Trump policies he sure is copying many of them Click Here for Details

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