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DARPA and the Russian Collusion?

How involved was the secret Fed agency in the Russian Collusion hoax Click Here for Story

She Was Terrible for Michigan …

Energy Chief Granholm Cites Risk of Cyberattacks | Transport Topics

And now Energy Secretary Granholm is terrible for the United States. Won’t answer questions or take responsibility for energy problems Click Here for Details

An Idiot Says What?

Secretary of State Blinken says women are better off under the Taliban in Afghanistan? Click Here for Details

About Those Electric Vehicles…

Ford investment in EV is risky? Click Here for Story

War Scares

Putin vows to maintain 'tension' with west over Ukraine | Financial Times

Is Putin ramping up the rhetoric or getting ready for a real world war? Click Here for Story

THIS is What Democrats Want to Control Your Information

Chronic liar and freak Nina Jankowicz is who Biden wants to control what the government decides is truth or not Click Here for Story

Bad Day for Amazon

Big losses reported for first quarter Click Here for Story

US Veteran Killed in Ukraine

Marine voluntarily fighting with Ukraine forces is killed Click Here for Details

Blind or Disingenuous?

The Biden Boom: Economic Recovery in 2021 - Center for American Progress

Biden touts a great economy. What? Click Here for Story

Bad News for Your Food Budget

Corn prices skyrocketing Click Here for Details

Its Dangerous and Right Out of 1984

Biden Admin is starting its own “Ministry of Truth” propaganda commission Click Here for Story

Hurting Americans

Biden Admin is purposely doing everything possible to force Americans to suffer at the pump and to heat their homes Click Here for Story

Just in Time for the Election

Is another “pandemic” being planned for November’s election? Click Here for Details

The Party of Misery

The Democrats and the left are all about misery and making you miserable too Click Here for Story

Russia to Go to the Gold Standard?

Gold Technical Forecast: Gold Breakdown Takes Another Step

The Russian Ruble is about to be tied to gold Click Here for Details

Destruction of the World’s Greatest Military

Obama’s and now Biden’s policies have destroyed the US military and its ability to defend America and help the world Click Here for Story

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