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Beware the Globalist RINOs

Some “Conservatives” support carbon tax Click Here for Details

Best Burger?

Where can you get Michigans’ best hamburger? Click Here for Story

Data Shows Nursing Homes The Largest COVID-19 Source, Whitmer Shuts Down Bars

Bars are but a footnote in state list of top infection sourcesRead more

U-M Prof On Sabbatical With $148k Salary Complains About Paying For Home Internet

Read more


People take the mask issue way too far Click Here for Details

Democrat Fear Mongering

Democrats will try to keep schools closed? Click Here for Details

Un-American NBA

NBA kneels for anthem but supports China? Click Here for Story

Burdening Your Grandchildren

(Screen Capture)

Big spender Chuck Schumer wants to add another $3 trillion to the deficit for Covid relief Click Here for Details

MSM Cover Up

Why is the media trying to squash success of Hydroxy Chloroquine? Click Here for Details

Reclaim My Time!

See how Democrats kept AG Barr from answering questions Click Here for Story and Video

Playing Politics

Rep. Scalise: Even the Title of Today's Coronavirus Hearing Proves Dems Are Playing Games

Rep Scalise calls out Democrats for using Coivd for a political agenda Click Here for Details

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