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Government Attacking Its Own People

The US government under the Democrats is attacking the rights of its own citizens as well as attacking the US economy Click Here for Details

Common Sense

Fighting the growing inflation crisis starts with unleashing America’s energy industry to get fuel prices down but the Biden Admin won’t do it Click Here for Story

Oz Demands Debates

Democrat candidate Fetterman seems to be avoiding the public? Click Here for Story

The move toward ESG investing is not the free market at work

Government tilts the scale toward the alternative approach toward investing

Biased Media

Its not new but it is getting worse Click Here for Story

Sen. Stabenow slams Big Pharma, Big Oil, but takes their donations

Over the decades, the companies Stabenow blames for high prices have been big-dollar donors to her campaigns Read more

Why Are Gas Prices Going Down?

Because were in Recession and demand is dropping due to bad Democrat policies Click Here for Story

IRS Will Target the Poor and Middle Class

Who else would 87,000 new agents go after? Click Here for Details

The End of the FBI

Most of America now sees the FBI has become America’s KGB Click Here for Story

Garland Could Be in Trouble?

Merrick Garland: DOJ filed motion to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant and property  receipt - CNNPolitics

The FBI and DOJ are now under scrutiny and Garland admitting he signed off on the Mar-A-Lago raid could lead to his impeachment Click Here for Details

The Double Standard

If retaining Presidential records is a problem Obama’s is far worse than anything Trump has Click Here for Story

Useless Teacher’s Union

Union won’t help teacher who criticized CRT Click Here for Details

Hiding the Judge

Court removes webpage for Judge who signed off on Trump raid Click Here for Story

Where IS The Ukrainian Aid?

only 30% of what’s being sent is getting to Ukraine? Click Here for Story

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