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The First to Fall

JadedKushner - Supernatural Wisdom-PARODY on Twitter: "The only ...

Ex FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to plead guilty in phony Russian collusion probe Click Here for Story

Stop Bullying Servers

Restaurant staff have to deal with Governor Whitmer’s outrageous demands blame her not the staff at your favorite restaurant Click Here for Story

Teacher Fired For Dissing Liberals, U-M Prof Got Raises After ‘I Hate Republicans’

To save his job, district demanded teacher admit he was wrong

The Most Liberal Senator

Kamala Harris IS the most liberal Senator in office Click Here for Details

Fauci Poor-Mouths As ‘Government Worker’; His Federal Job Pays $417,608

Average federal worker gets $124,600 in pay and benefits

Lockdowns Are Hurting Us

25% of young people have thought about suicide during lockdowns Click Here for Story

King of the Sky

Michigan officials: Bald eagle attacked and destroyed government drone

Eagle destroys drone in Michigan Click Here for Story

Can They Keep Her Alive?

Prosecutors say Maxwell remains in isolation for reasons of "safety, security, and the orderly functioning of the facility"

Ghislane Maxwell in danger from all sides while in prison Click Here for Details

More Accurate Than You Know

The Biden campaign is “Battling for the Soul of America” what will the Democrats do with your soul? Click Here for Story

The Left Wants You to Forget

New York uses Covid as excuse to cancel the 911 memorial lighting Click Here for Details

Covering Up Murder

Why aren’t we seeing progress on the death of Philip Haney Click Here for Story

The Politics of “White Privilege”

Puppets and Puppeteers Peddling 'White Privilege'

Guilting some and enraging others Click Here for Details

US Seizes Tankers

Iranian tankers headed for Venezuela are seized by the US Click Here for Story

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