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Spineless Mitch McConnell Ready to Throw In the Towel?

McConnell makes grim prediction about Republicans in Senate races

RINO elitist Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready to betray the Republican party in US senate races because he doesn’t like the America First agenda some GOP Senate candidates push? Click Here for Story

Finally A Judge Following the Law Instead of Being an Activist

US District Judge issues permanent injunction against the Biden Admin’s illegal pause on oil and gas leases Click Here for Details

Voter Fraud Justice Starts Being Delivered?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces the arrest of 20 people for voter fraud in the 2020 election. When will other states start? Click Here for Story

Stopping the Stupidity of Woke Culture

Conservative states fight back against ESG banks and corporations Click Here for Story

Anti-White Racism IS Still Racism

And there should be no room for it in schools or society Click Here for Details

Transgenderism Denies Science

A transgendered female is still biologically and genetically a female Click Here for Story

FBI Attacking All American’s Rights

IF they can trample the rights of Donald Trump they can break the rights of any American citizen Click Here for Details

More Proof of a Corrupt FBI

FBI Agent admits guilt destroyed evidence in case against a Pro-Trump lawmaker Click Here for Story

Can Dan Crenshaw Be Trusted?

More than once Rep Dan Crenshaw has come under fire for being a RINO and protecting the elitist class Click Here for Details

Pushing Chaos?

Those who keep talking about “A New American Civil War” are the ones who seem to actually want one? Click Here for Story

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