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FBI Corruption: Zuckerberg Says It Out Loud

Mark Zuckerberg Prepares Meta Employees for a Tougher 2022 - The New York  Times

FBI Forced Facebook to Censor Hunter Biden lap top story Click Here for Details

Ranked Choice is Just Wrong

Alaska’s recent primary shows how much of a disaster Ranked Choice voting system is Click Here for Story

Study on Ann Arbor-to-Traverse City railway rests on flimsy data

Yet it’s the foundation for $2.3 million in taxpayer funds for a second-phase study

Florida Says NO to ESG?

Ron DeSantis plans Utah fundraiser with GOP megadonors, signaling possible  presidential run

Governor DeSantis says State’s pension fund won’t be investing in the ESG agenda Click Here for Story

After state audit, Michigan Secretary of State purges dead from voter rolls quarterly

Jocelyn Benson’s office now offers a post-audit certification, after audit found half of county clerks took no such trainingRead more

Texas Stands by 2nd Amendment

Judge blocks law prohibiting adults under 21 from carrying Click Here for Story

How the FBI Altered the 2020 Election

By hiding the Hunter Biden scandal the FBI changed election outcome according to voters Click Here for Story

Gas Will Be Going Up Again

Biden’s recession may have temporarily dropped demand and prices at the pump but not for long Click Here for Details

Fetterman Want’s Bad Education for the Poor

Pennsylvania's Fetterman makes 2022 US Senate run official | AP News

Opposes school vouchers for poor children trapped in bad school systems Click Here for Story

Too Little Too Late?

Uvalde school board fires police chief Click Here for Details

DHS Discriminates in the Name of Social Justice

Putting Equity and Inclusion before professionalism and results? Click Here for Details

FBI Gestapo

Has the FBI been spying on Trump since his first campaign? Click Here for Story

Profiting from the Presidency

12 Biden officials who will benefit from the student debt cancelation Click Here for Details

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