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Deep State Scumbag

Joe: GOP has become so radical that Liz, Dick Cheney are considered  so-called 'RINOs'

Elitist scumbag Dick Cheney crawls out of his hole to bad mouth Trump and protect his deep state syndicate Click Here for Story

Make The Liberals Feel The Pain Average Americans Feel

Texas sends bus load of migrants to New York City Click Here for Details

FBI Hiding Pipe Bomber Identity?

Once again we see the FBI knows more about and may be involved in criminal activity Click Here for Story

Grand Blanc schools: Cameras in classrooms would violate student privacy

School cellphone policies will be more strictly enforced as parents call for more classroom access

Fed Up With California Nonsense

California’s San Bernardino County will add secession question from State of California to its ballot Click Here for Details

Senator Sinema Says Yes to Bankrupting America?

She will now support more additional spending that American taxpayers cannot afford Click Here for Story

Hiding Behind His Alleged Covid Diagnosis?

Biden still has “Covid” and is in more “Isolation” Click Here for Details

China’s Hurt Feelings

Will China amp up the military response or just the rhetoric over Pelosi visit to Taiwan? Click Here for Story

Trump Sweeps Arizona?

Trump backed candidates sweep primaries in Arizona despite more election irregularities Click Here for Story

Time to Fix Wisconsin?

Can Wisconsin be put on the right path like Arizona ? Click Here for Details

Self-Serving Democrats

Every policy Democrats put into place is designed with only one purpose in mind…to keep them in power Click Here for Story

Democrats Have Lied Again

Inflation Reduction Act will not reduce inflation it will make things worse, far worse Click Here for Details

UnHoly Alliance

A corrupt CDC was colluding with Big Tech according to documents Click Here for Story

Your Government IS Controlled By Uni-Party Socialists

60% of the Federal government bureaucracy are Democrats so its now wonder the system is now completely partisan Click Here for Details

Think Taxes Are Bad Now? Just Wait

The Inflation Reduction Act is giving billions to the IRS to come after YOU! Click Here for Details

Dracul and Vlad the Impaler?

An interesting story with roots in truth Click Here for Story

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