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The End of the Republic

 Supreme Court Rejects Texas Lawsuit and Trump Bid to Undo Election Loss to Biden

SCOTUS sides with corruption and election fraud Click Here for Details

Bowing to China ?

Will America become a Chinese State under the Democrat party? Click Here for Story

Why Now Does Hunter Story Get Covered?

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden

Media claimed allegations against the Bidens weren’t true before the election but now they cover it? Click Here for Story

State Board Of Education Vice President Repeats Erroneous Charter School Slam

No, they can’t pick and choose from students

Its Just Wrong

Baltimore is jailing restaurant owners and releasing criminals Click Here for Story

Bidens’s Deep State

Biden forms team of insiders

No more outsiders just the loyal Washington deep staters in control Click Here for Story

Texas Gamble?

Will casinos startup in Texas? Click Here for Details

Border Problems Already Starting

Honduran migrants, part of a caravan heading to the US, rest on a sidewalk in Entre Rios, Guatemala, after they crossed the border from Honduras on October 1, 2020.(Photo by JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

With a possible Biden Presidency illegals know the border will be wide open Click Here for Story

End of The Republic

If Democrats cheat to win the Senate as well America a we know it will be over Click Here for Details

Can’t Be Trusted

The Department of Justice and FBI have reaffirmed their complete corruption Click Here for Details

The Steal is Brazenly Open in Iowa

Democrats admit they wont stop? Click Here for Details

Funding Corruption

Democrats using Non-profits to fund election steal Click Here for Story

Coming for Your Guns

Biden’s HHS pick will push the anti-2nd Amendment agenda Click Here for Details

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