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Will SCOTUS Look At Election Fraud?

Or will they ignore overwhelming evidence? Click Here for Story

Ditch Mitch

McConnell losing support in his home state for his anti-Trump views Click Here for Details

Rightfully Snubbed

Trump turns down meeting with Nikki Haley Click Here for Story

Weaponizing the Banks

Biden Admin looks to have banks refuse service to those who oppose Democrats Click Here for Story

Firm Made $1.6 Billion, Corporate Subsidy Agency Boasts Offering It $2.6 Million

Michigan taxpayers will pay for it Read more


Radical Woke-ists have a lot in common with Radical Islamism Click Here for Details

Climate Scam is Back On

US officially rejoins Paris climate agreement 

Biden joins the Paris Accords again putting Chinese and world interests over American interests Click Here for Details

Chicago Style

Biden Admin looks to stop investigations into corruption investigation on Democrats? Click Here for Story

Why Bill Gates Should Not Be Listened To

Founder of Microsoft and chairman of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, to establish the Breakthrough Energy Europe investment fund, Bill Gates applauds during a press conference at the EU headquarters in Brussels on October 17, 2018. (Photo by JOHN THYS / AFP) (Photo by JOHN THYS/AFP via Getty Images)

Applauds China,, the worst polluter in the world as working toward climate change goals? Click Here for Details

Lessons From Rush

What we should all have learned from Rush Limbaugh Click Here for Story

Tune Changing Now?

Doctor says the US will have herd immunity by April of 2021? Click Here for Details

Democrats Side with Wall Street?

Game Stop hearings prove Congress isn’t working for the people? Click Here for Story

Dirty Nancy

Corruption runs deep in Speaker Pelosi’s family? Click Here for Details

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