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Is It Biden or the Military Failing Us?

Chinese balloon to pass over Myrtle Beach area | WPDE

China’s “Spy” balloon is not a weather satellite and it shows that the military has not defended America’s airspace. Not taking it down is a huge mistake Click Here for Story

Government Corruption…Its Everywhere

Ner Jersey councilman arrested for selling cocaine and meth Click Here for Details

Elon Musk, Ram admit: With green energy, there’s always a catch

Nuclear energy is needed to make wind and solar go, Musk says, while internal combustion engines provide the “range extender” for a Ram EV truck Read more

Highly Disturbing

Big Tech and government is coming for your thoughts and brain Click Here for Story

8 Republicans voted for Lansing’s $946M spending spree

4 House Republicans and 4 Senate Republicans crossed party lines to help Democrats pass spending bill Read more

The Enemy is Already Here …

China has spies and operatives all over the United States Click Here for Details

How Michigan reps in Congress voted on ending COVID-19 emergency

The week Biden announces the May end of COVID emergency, House passes two bills calling for its immediate termination Read more

Democrat Senate Won’t Rescind Funding for 87,000 More IRS Agents

No vote in the Senate means Chuck Schumer and the Democrats want more Americans under IRS scrutiny Click Here for Details

The US Should Have Shot the Balloon Down

Reckless incompetence or is the US government so compromised that China now controls the US? Click Here for Story

Screaming Lib

Don Lemon is truly the poster child for raging, entitled liberals Click Here for Details


Yes its already here in the US Click Here for Story

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