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Jill Biden Shielding Joe?

Joe Biden

It just looks worse everyday as Joe Biden needs help in daily activities Click Here for Story

What In the World Is Biden Financing Now??

Biden’s Defense Department is financing bioweapons research for groups tied to Russia and China? Click Here for Story

No, toll roads are not the answer in Michigan

Michigan will spend $4 billion on roads this year. It does not need to tap taxpayers for more money. Read more

War Scare?

WHO suggests stockpiling Radiation meds? Click Here for Story

Only 3% of Michigan jobs are in the auto industry

In its heyday, the Michigan auto industry accounted for about 9% of all jobs in state Read more

Biden seeks $11B for international climate change projects

Biden said he wants to mobilize $100B for “climate action in developing nations” Read more

Is the US on the Wrong Track for Covid?

Britain is steering away from Covid vaccinations in part due to problems but the US keeps pushing the shots despite the science Click Here for Story

Direct TV Part of Liberal Propaganda System

Why are they silencing successful and popular conservative news channels Click Here for Details

RNC Goes for More the Samo Samo

Out of touch elite Republicans re-elect Ronna Romney McDaniel to run the pathetic losers of the GOP Click Here for Story

Facebook is Un-American

Giving Trump back his access…until they decide to take it away again Click Here for Story

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