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SEALs Could Save Congress

Ex-military candidates are what America needs in DC? Click Here for Story

Putting a Leash On an Out of Control Governor

Michigan legislature removes emergency powers form Governor Whitmer Click Here for Details

More Evidence Against China

Was Covid a bio-weapon from China? Click Here for Details

Benton Harbor Schools Held Back No Third Graders In 2020-21 School Year

District cited in liberal nonprofit’s panic about law to restrict promoting children who can’t read to next grade

Another Woke Sports Team

Cleveland Indians change their name to placate leftists? Click Here for Details

Bad Sign?

Taliban wants Afghan President removed to keep the peace Click Here for Story

China Controlling the US Government?

Former intel official says China has insiders in our government Click Here for Details

Dividing America

Governor blames unvaccinated for Covid problems Click Here for Story

Hidin’ Biden

White House won’t discuss breakthrough infections on vaccinated staffers Click Here for Details

Pushing Crime

George Soros is funneling money to organizations to help defund police amidst a growing crime problem Click Here for Details

Democrat’s Next Hoax

Pelosi happy that there won’t be Republicans on her January 6th “Investigation ” committee? Click Here for Details

Bad News for Our Allies

The US military is now being led by woke activists instead of real military leaders Click Here for Story

So Much for that Vaccine…

All sailors in British naval strike force have been vaccinated but now infected? Click Here for Details

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