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Who Is Controlling the Riots?

FBI looking into who is coordinating and funding the violence? Click Here for Story

Targeting Republicans

Online GOP debate hit by Zoom hacker Click Here for Story

Here Are The Michigan Lawmakers Voting For The Most Corporate Subsidies

And those who’ve supported the least

Lawsuit: Whitmer’s Ongoing Unilateral Rule Is An Abuse Of Power

She cites a law meant for time-sensitive emergencies, not a months-to-years-long epidemic

Exposing Joe

Anti-Trumper blasts Biden for his lies Click Here for Details

GOP Convention Not Happening

POTUS cancels convention due to Covid spike Click Here for Story

Phony Harassment Suit?

Looks like the Cathy Areu claims against Fox personnel have some real issues Click Here for Story

MLB for Leftists

America’s sport just went socialist Click Here for Story and Video

Democrats Approve of Rioters

Portland fire (Nathan Howard / Getty)

Laws and civility no longer to the Democrat Party Click Here for Details

The New Axis of Evil?

Iran and China grow closer together to spread their hostile agenda Click Here for Story


UK and USA end Diplomatic immunity loopholes? Click Here for Story

Ban the Democrats?

Can We Talk About How One GOP Congressman Introduced a Resolution to Ban the Democratic Party?

If we’re going to cancel based on Political Correctness the history of Democrats should cause them to be banned from Congress Click Here for Details

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