The News YOU Need to Know Saturday June 15, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Huge 2nd Amendment Win

SCOTUS rules against ATF overstepping Constitutional Rights Click Here for Story

We Knew It…

Timeline Proves Biden Admin Working with prosecutors to go after their political opponent Click Here for Details

Environmental agency seeks $200K contract to develop strategy on maritime port electrification

Experts disagree on program effectiveness

NIHAID Is NOT Protecting Americans…

Instead they are endangering them Click Here for Story

Alaskan Democrats Want to Commit State Suicide

Democrats in Alaska remove support for oil and gas from their platform Click Here for Details

You Get What You Wish For?

Majority of Palestinians support Hamas Click Here for Story

REmoving The Dems

Targeting Democrats Senators part of the GOP plan Click Here for Story

A Win for Alex Jones

Judge rules in Info Wars owner and founder in bankruptcy case Click Here for Details

House Votes for Contempt of Congress on Merrick Garland

But what will happen and what about the other contemptuous crimes and activities ? Click Here for Story

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