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Dems Look to Stack Congress

House Democrats vote to make District of Columbia its own state Click Here for Story

Jobbie Nooner Happens

Covid doesn’t stop annual boat party in Michigan Click Here for Story

Is Whitmer’s Baseball Order Political Theater?

Rescinds already-rescinded restrictions, and after MLB says ‘play ball’


Time to bring law and order to our cities and protect truckers Click Here for Details

Two Michigan Gyms Open Despite Executive Order Lockdown

Federal district judge shot down gym lockdown June 19, appeals court reinstated it June 24Read more

Florida Steps It Back

Bars ordered closed again amid Covid surge Click Here for Story

Biden the Tyrant ?

Says he will force Americans to wear masks Click Here for Details

Rioting Won’t Solve Anything

(Screen Capture)

Burgess Owens reminds us that MLK changed the world …peacefully Click Here for Story

The End of Order?

Minneapolis moves to get rid of police department Click Here for Details

Dirty Wray?

Excuse Me, FBI Director Wray, Did You Withhold Exculpatory Evidence From Michael Flynn?

Did FBI Director withhold exculpatory evidence? Click Here for Story

Covid Cases Rise but Deaths Fall

Are we over reacting again? Click Here for Details

Out Of Touch Dems

Pelosi and Schumer can’t even get George Floyd’s name right Click Here for Details


BET Founder says whites bowing down for Blacks because of White Guilt is ridiculous? Click Here for Details

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