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The Elephant in the Room…

Exactly why transgendered “men” should not be in women’s locker or restrooms Click Here for Story

The Fascist DC Police

Outrageous: Capitol Police stop children’s choir from singing the national anthem in the Capitol. Its prohibited protest? Click Here for Details

Whitmer asks for ideas to grow Michigan

Governor’s new Chief Growth Officer has a heavy task: Only Washington, D.C., has grown more slowly than Michigan

The University of Stupid…

Harvard hires the worst ex-Mayor in history as a leadership teacher and mentor? Click Here for Story

Senate disapproves Biden student loan pause despite veto threat

Even if the president vetoes the bill, the debt ceiling deal contains the same provision Read more

Corrupt FBI Went After Trump?

IS it the DOJ the FBI or both that are corruptly attacking the opposing political candidate? Click Here for Story

AI Warns About Itself?

Ameca the AI robot gives stark warnings about an AI takeover Click Here for Story

Undue Influence…

George Soros once said he wanted to destroy the United States so isn’t it odd his son has huge access to the Biden Admin which seems to be doing exactly that? Click Here for Details

Why Republicans Always Lose…

The seemingly take the high road and trust Democrats only to be screwed by the Democrats when they get control Click Here for Story

Chinese Spies?

A recently installed sign is seen at the main entry point to U.S. Army Garrison Alaska Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska, on April 5.

Chinese “tourists” are spying everywhere including sensitive US military bases Click Here for Story

What’s Really happening In Ukraine?

Is Zelensky working behind America’s back for more than defensive weapons? Click Here for Details

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