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Riots Hurt the Poorest

Protests co-opted by the left have destroyed communities Click Here for Details

Growing Movement

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - SEPTEMBER 14: T.I., Candace Owens, and Steven Pargett speak onstage during day 3 of REVOLT Summit x AT&T Summit on September 14, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Revolt)

Black COnservatives reject the MSM messaging of victimhood Click Here for Story

Ford Plant Still Operating 14 Days After Trump’s Face Mask-Free Visit 

Michigan Attorney General’s ‘real possibility’ of harm hasn’t happened

Rioting Cowards

Sickening behavior from rioters Click Here for Details

Fewer New Coronavirus Cases In Midland After Thousands Helped On Flood, Cleanup

Few face masks, little social distancing among volunteers mucking-out homes


US Embassy in Mexico Vandalized Click Here for Details

Claims of State Fiscal Collapse Exaggerated

No, the sky isn’t falling on Michigan state government

RINOs Never Learn

Senate Republ;icans worry about POTUS costing them the Senate?? Click Here for Story

Attack of the Deep Staters

 Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, said he agrees with Mattis

General Kelly joins in the Trump Bashing Click Here for Story

Biden’s Deplorable Moment

(Getty Images)

Calls 10% to 15% of the people are not just not very good Click Here for Details


Iran in violation of all agreements Click Here for Story

Leftist Idiots

The Left tells conservative gay man he isn’t gay Click Here for Details

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