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Michigan Democrats Hurting Their Own State


Out of touch and looking to have Michigan lose even more jobs Click Here for Story

Weaponized FBI

Almost two thirds of Americans believe the FBI is compromised by politics Click Here for Story

NOT Punishing Bad Behavior

As crime skyrockets blame the authorities for not punishing those who threaten, assault and commit crimes Click Here for Details

Cartel Apology?

A Mexican Drug Cartel apologizes for deaths of Americans and turns over 5 of their own? Click Here for Story

Tech Bank Problems?

Silicon Valley Bank gets shuttered by the FDIC? Click Here for Details

Biden’s Failed Foreign Policy

Now China has brokered a deal between Saudi Arabia and the Iran? Click Here for Story

Biden Purging the Military of Conservatives

Will this lead to a woke liberal military that won’t defend the country but will crackdown on American citizens? Click Here for Story

First Strike on Taiwan?

 (Photo by An Rong Xu/Getty Images)

China is suspected of damaging Taiwan’s undersea internet cables Click Here for Details

War Profits

China is benefitting from the Russian Ukraine conflict Click Here for Story

Conflict of Interest

Federal Trade Commission hires an anti-Musk activist …while investigating Twitter? Click Here for Story

Government Out of Control

The Federal government spending spree continues as they hire 46,000 employees in February alone Click Here for Details

Universities Responsible for the Deterioration of America

Crime, degeneracy, lack of honesty and morals all stem from American Universities promoting Socialist and Marxist doctrine Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

100 year old paper mill will close its doors Click Here for Details

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