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Pence Sides With RINO Kemp

We knew former VP Pence was an insider and now he’s touting election fraud supporter Kemp for Georgia Governor Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Seeds sprout in moon soil? Click Here for Details

RINOs Won’t Look At Real Election Fraud

Arizona AG Brnovich refusing to follow up on evidence of voter fraud Click Here for Story

Is Netflix Waking Up?

Tells woke employees that being offended by content is not Netflix’s problem? Click Here for Story

The New Republic Says Unions Are Making a Comeback

But the ancient magazine of political insiders gives no evidence, and Michigan numbers indicate the opposite

Making Matters Worse

The Biden Admin cancels oil lease sales Click Here for Story

Democrats Hurting the Poor

Adding a baby formula shortage to an already terrible economy is showing how Democrat policies hurt the poorest Americans the most Click Here for Details

What Are You Afraid of Bro?

Journalist to testify in Sussman spygate trial wants protection for hi stestimony? Click Here for Story

Illegal Election Interference?

Did Zuckerberg break any laws in funding efforts to promote Biden and the Democrats? Click Here for Story

Spygate Overseas Connection?

DOJ was spying on a reporter from The Guardian ? Click Here for Details

UN Looking To Control Ammunition

The anti-gun agenda is all about control Click Here for Story

Worthless Vaccines?

Comedian Colbert thanks vaccines yet he’s gotten Covid twice in three weeks? Click Here for Story

Biden’s Newest Hypocrite

New Press Secretary is just full of hypocrisy Click Here for Details

Is There a January 6th and Ukraine Connection?

Interesting read Click Here for Story

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