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Pattern of Lying

Clinton lawyer on trial shows a pattern of lying, sound familiarly like Democrats? Click Here for Story

Detroit Ballot Harvesting

Damning evidence with first video of ballot harvesters dropping stacks of ballots into drop boxes Click Here for Story and Video

While Whitmer Touts Job Gains, Michigan Has Yet To Recover From COVID Shutdown

Bureau of Labor Statistics undercuts governor’s sunny auto employment claims

Get Out of the Corrupt UN

US Senators urge the US to leave from the Chinese owned WHO Click Here for Details

Finally a Common Sense Judge?

Judge rules Biden can’t remove the Title 42 rules which would have increased the flow of illegals Click Here for Story

Elon Now Sees Democrats Are the Party of Hate?

Musk won’t vote for Democrats and their fascist hate filled rhetoric? Click Here for Details

Disney Propagandists

Pride-Themed Disney Plush Toys

Disney releases LGBTQ toys to warp children’s minds? Click Here for Story

Climate Scam IS Not About Science

Lies and nonsense are what the climate scammers are using to push their agenda Click Here for Story

Can SCOTUS Stop the Bureaucratic State

Growth of government is destroying the greatest nation on earth Click Here for Details

One Really Bad Catholic

San Francisco Bishop bans Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story

The Stupidity of Democrats

Anti-Trump impeachment witness Fiona Hill says Putin waited to attack Ukraine until stupid trump left office?? Click Here for Details

Finishing the Draining of the Swamp

Democrat failures show why the DC swamp must be drained Click Here for Story

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