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1776 Continues

Trump’s 1776 Commission will meet despite Biden’s attempt to abolish it Click Here for Story

Audit in Georgia

Despite what the Democrats and media tell you there was some thing really wrong with the 2020 election Click Here for Details

State Pension Underfunding Enough To Give Pontiac Teachers $11,000 Bonuses

There are no bonuses; that’s how much more district paid pension fund in 2020 vs. 2010

Stop the Indoctrination

Schools need to educate not indoctrinate Click Here for Story

Stabbing Israel in the Back

Democrats want to support terrorists over long time ally Israel Click Here for Details

Corporate Corruption

Libera corporations are targeting election integrity measures Click Here for Story

National Border Town

Biden Admin is making all states receive illegal immigrants Click Here for Details

Medical Officials Politicized Covid

Science was not followed in the fear mongering policies of alleged experts Click Here for Story

Lost Viewers

Rasmussen: Almost Half of Conservatives Say Fox News Not 'Favorite'

Fox’s turn to the left has lost them their base of viewers? Click Here for Story

Where Does the Asian Hate Come From?

What groups are targeting Asians? Click Here for Story

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