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Durham Will Speak to Congress?

House GOP will have John Durham testify to the law and rule breaking by the US government in phony Trump Russia collusion probe? Click Here for Story

Bad Sign?

Ron DeSantis has Rupert Murdoch’s support? More elitism from Fox doesn’t bode well for a DeSantis campaign Click Here for Story

U.S. House disapproves Biden’s student loan pause

Michigan delegation supports pause in party-line vote. Read more

Will McCarthy Cave?

Is the GOP House about to cave into Biden on the Debt ceiling limit? Click Here for Story

The Lies of CNN

Media outlet furthers Joe Biden’s lies about the “good” economy Click Here for Story

Inflation Spike

(Saul Loeb, iStock/Getty Images; BNN)

Yea that’s real good for the economy….NOT Click Here for Story

The DEI Gestapo

Progressivism is just fascism by another name Click Here for Details

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