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Another Biden Scandal?

Biden transition team official moved immigration money to a firm he was advising? Click Here for Story

State Health Department Budget Up 25%, Still Failed To Track COVID Nursing Home Deaths

Blaming taxpayers’ ‘chronic underinvestment’ won’t wash this one

Fauci Is Dangerous?

The more we find about about Dr. Fauci the more worried we should be Click Here for Story

Biden’s Broken Promise

New budget will tax lower and middle class Americans breaking his campaign promise Click Here for Story

The RINOs Who Need to be Unelected

6 GOP senators voted with Democrats on January 6th commission Click Here for Details

Forcing Vaccine Passports for International Travel?

Biden Admin looks for another way to force vaccines on people Click Here for Story

We Need the Truth

Did the US National Institute of Health fund viral gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab Click Here for Details

Gun Grabber

President Biden wants gun control activist David Chipman to lead the ATF. (Photo: Screen capture)

Biden ATF nominee side steps questions about gun confiscation Click Here for Details

Democrats Are the New Soviets?

The tactics and agenda look the same? Click Here for Details

Teacher’s Union Supports Terrorism?

Major teacher’s union backs a boycott against Israel even though it was Hamas that attacked Israel first Click Here for Details

The New Hampshire Audit

Machine was adding votes for Democrats? Click Here for Story

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