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Officer Chauvin Taken Into Custody

Derek Chauvin

Officer who knelt on George Floyds neck has been arrested Click Here for Story

Crossing New Lines

Fed Chairman says the Federal Reserve is in new territory with the Pandemic help it has offered Click Here for Story

Murky Michigan

Governor Whitmer’s plans to open are not clear and transparent Click Here for Details

Whitmer’s Defense of Husband Conflicts With Her Own Lockdown Orders

Is raking leaves 184 miles away considered ‘critical’?

Flip Flopping Fauci

Dr Fauci now downplaying the 2nd wave of covid Click Here for Story

Whitmer Blames Dam Failure On Low Funding After She Proposed Funding Cut For Dam Repairs

Governor points finger at legislators — but they rejected her cut

Will Minneapolis Burn for 4th Night?

3 Nights of unbridled rioting Click Here for Story

Bad Policy

Amy Klobuchar didn”t prosecute cop involved in killing of George Floyd Click Here for Story

Fact Check the Media

If fact checking is the new fad start with the lying mainstream media Click Here for Story

Obama The Divider is Back

Barack Obama, BTS set for YouTube graduation special

Once again Obama pushes race to divide America Click Here for Story

Illegals Over Citizens

California trying to help illegals during Covid has become a nightmare? Click Here for Story

Stealing An Election

Big tech is trying to steal the 2020 election for Democrats Click Here for Story

Strange Words from Van Jones

Says White Hillary Clinton supporters are the real danger? Click Here for Details

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