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Now He Speaks Up?

Bill Barr is lying about the inspector general report.

Former AG Bill Barr finally admits there’s a problem with the Biden family and its corruption? Click Here for Story

FDA Has Clotting Concerns?

FDA now limits authorized use of Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine over clotting problems? Click Here for Details

Michigan Stylists Must Train 1,500 Hours to Wash Hair

But an EMT who helps critical-care patients needs only 194 hours to get a state license

Attacking Churches?

The Left will attack churches on Mother’s Day to protest alleged SCOTUS abortion stance? Click Here for Details

Not So Affordable?

Obama urges Dems to defend Obamacare legacy - CNN Video

Individual prescription drug plans haven’t gotten better under Obamacare Click Here for Story

Finding the SCOTUS Leaker

Over 70 people had access to the majority opinion abortion case draft? Click Here for Details

Biden Admin Helping Iran?

Biden's obsessive lies – small and large – are big trouble for America

Why is the Biden Admin helping America’s most vocal enemy ? Click Here for Story

China Puts China First

Why wouldn’t they? CCP tells companies in China to use only Chinese made laptops? Click Here for Details

Health Insanity

Biden Must Move Fast to Replace WHO's Tedros

WHO Chief says abortions “save” lives?? Click Here for Story

Democrats Hate Democracy

When things don’t go their way Democrats have no use for Democracy Click Here for Story

The Ghost Gun Ploy

AG Garland wants your guns no matter what they call them Click Here for Details


President Joe Biden speaks to reporters on a stage in the South Court Auditorium of the White House in Washington on Sept. 27.

More proof Joe Biden is suffering from dementia? Click Here for Story

Will Capture of Mariupol End the War in Ukraine?

According to this Duma member yes Click Here for Details

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