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January 6th Footage Now Being Released…

Speaker Mike Johnson fulfills promise that Kevin McCarthy failed to uphold Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice

How Trump and Biden Navigated a Year of COVID-19

Why won’t the DOJ charge Joe Biden for mishandling classified docs when there is so much proof and such an easy case to make while they charge Trump when there is no eveidence and a highly questionable case? Click Here for Details

Why Are Liberals and Democrats SO Scared of Trump Running?

Another liberal group tries to keep Trump off the ballot in the “name of the people” but if people didn’t want Trump they wouldn’t vote for him? So why all the effort? Click Here for Story

Oh Really Debbie??

Michigan's Dingell says she won't run for Senate

Congresswoman from Michigan Debbie Pro-Palestinian riot at DNC headquarters was more scary than the January 6th protest Click Here for Story

Even the Lunatic Left Is Leaning Toward Trump

Anti-Trump actor now says he’d rather vote for Trump than Biden?? Click Here for Story

MSU loses claim that student privacy trumps transparency law

Universities increasingly cite federal privacy law to withhold information

The Unraveling…

CNN host has some “splaining” to do over Pro-Palestine protesters at DNC headquarters Click Here for Details

Hill Harper and the problem of financial disclosure in Michigan

Feds have teeth to police incomplete financial disclosures; under bills headed to Whitmer’s desk, Michigan does not Read more

Democrats Ruin Cities…

Memphis crime is so out of control says their Police Chief that even the army can’t fix it? Click Here for Details

Biden Sucking Up to China

TOPSHOT - This photo taken on February 19, 2020 shows laboratory technicians testing samples of virus at a laboratory in Hengyang in China's central Henan province. - The death toll from the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic jumped to 2,112 in China on February 20 after 108 more people died in Hubei …

compromised is our pResident Click Here for Story

Arizona Election Fraud

Kari Lake has another filing against the fraud committed in Arizona election Click Here for Details

Gavin Newsom: The Tax and Spend Artist

Governor Gavin Newsom and his Democrat cronies file lawsuit against bill that would make it harder to raise taxes Click Here for Story

YOUR Money Unaccounted For…

Pentagon fails to show where it spends YOUR tax dollars. Fails audit for the 6th year in a row Click Here for Details

Phony Media Polling

Media pushing fake polls again Click Here for Story

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