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China IS the Enemy to The World

They bully, steal cheat, lie and corrupt and the entire world is their victim Click Here for Story

DC Corruption In Your Face

Politicians in DC who took FTX campaign donations SHOULD NOT BE investigating FTX! Click Here for Details

What Kind of Idiocy Is This??

Rep Jackson claims Slave Reparations could have stopped Covid?? Click Here for Story and Video

Like Whitmer, Biden clings to COVID emergency powers

Michigan Senators Peters and Stabenow voted no on effort to terminate COVID emergency Read more

Cat Fight?

Senators McConnell and Graham at odds Click Here for Story

Greater Midland Community Center to receive $5M from state

In two years’ time, the Greater Midland Community Center has benefited from nearly $12M in legislative largesse

The Biden Economy Puts Americans At Risk

25% of Americans could be at risk for heating and electricity issues this winter Click Here for Details

The Unbelievable FTX Debacle

Woke children were given billions with no checks and balances and politicians supported it? Click Here for Story

Another Broken Biden Promise

Biden will shield the Saudi Prince he called a murderer Click Here for Story

Hold Wray Accountable

FBI Director Chris Wray needs to be held accountable for the corruption he seemed to support ? Click Here for Details

Asians Going Right?

Asians in New York districts are voting Republican? Click Here for Story

Strong and Secure Border Wanted

Exit polling showed Hispanic voters overwhelmingly want a secure US border Click Here for Details

Limiting Special Interests

Rep Matt Gaetz wants to ban political donations for Congress from Lobbyists and PACs Click Here for Storylimiting Special Interests

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