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NOT Guilty

Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges Click Here for Story

The Alcoholic Spendaholic?

Pelosi celebrates the most expensive spending bill in history that will bankrupt us all Click Here for Story

All That’s Wrong with the GOP

Ronna McDaniel shows exactly what is wrong with the Republican establishment Click Here for Details

Students All Created Equal, But Some State Universities Get Much More From Taxpayers

U-M getting $13k per student from state vs. less than $4k at Oakland and Grand ValleyRead more

That’s Just “Psaki” Stupid

The stupidity displayed by the Biden Admin gets worse every day Click Here for Story

Teacher-Shortage Claims Breaking Out All Over, But Actual Numbers Often Different Story

For example, there are more teachers for fewer students in this Macomb district over three yearsRead more

Jury Intimidation

Rittenhouse Jurors lamenting public and media opinion will it affect the actual outcome more than the evidence? Click Here for Details

Low Covid in Africa

Even this article won’t make the attempt to explain it Click Here for Story

But This Study Might Answer It…

Community Directed use of ivermectin has an effect Click Here for Details

The United Socialist States of America

Democrats fulfilling Khrushchev’s prophecy? Click Here for Story

Indoctrinating Your Children

Democrats plan to make your children liberal Click Here for Details

Election Fraud: Michigan Style

Poll challenger shares video of election fraud? Click Here for Story


Don’t believe the Democrat lies Click Here for Details

What’s The Hold Up?

Over whelming evidence for the defense and an acquittal is being held up by one juror in Rittenhouse case ? Click Here for Story

Bad News?

The US cannot compete against China technologically? Click Here for Details

Election Fraud: Iranian Style

Two Iranians charged for cyber attacks in 2020 election Click Here for Story

Normalizing Pedophilia?

The Left and its Democrat allies seem to be trying to normalize the sexual exploitation of children Click Here for Details

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