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Suing the FDA

Prominent doctor launches lawsuit against the FDA for suppressingIvermectin as Covid treatment when they knew it could help people Click Here for Story

Amazon’s World Wide Strike?

Amazon warehouse workers around the world go on Black Friday Strike Click Here for Details

Further Evidence of a Politicized DOJ

Special counsel Jack Smith is an anti-Trumper so how can he be a fair and impartial investigator? Click Here for Details

Brazilian Discontent Grows

World soccer match show Brazilians suspect and don’t support the alleged winner of the election Click Here for Story

The Liberal Utopia?

Where robots could use deadly force Click Here for Details

Will Fauci Ever be Investigated

Uncovered messaging from Fauci concerning Covid origins doesn’t look good Click Here for Details

Undue Influence

Why are Zuckerberg and Soros supporting a group that is looking at the racial makeup of Capitol Hill Staff? Click Here for Story

Does McCarthy Have the Votes?

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

Can Kevin McCarthy gather enough support for the House Speakership? Click Here for Details

Misinformed Youth

Rock the Vote organization pushes left propaganda on today’s youth Click Here for Details

Coming For Your Guns…

Biden and Democrats feel emboldened enough to come after semi-automatic weapons Click Here for Story

One Has to Ask, What Are Nancy’s “Many Blessings”?

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Out going Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells her Democrat colleagues to be thankful their many blessings? Click Here for Details

YouTube Hypocrisy

YouTube censors user who published list of Democrats who claimed election fruad in 2016 when Hillary lost Click Here for Story

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