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The Plan was Always “Subscription Not Perscription”

Multiple shots, then a booster now a shot for every variant. How many shots a year will YOU need? Click Here for Story

You Can Try But….

Legal analysts say any civil lawsuits against Kyle Rittenhouse will fail Click Here for Story

Stoking the Fear

The world is letting itself be manipulated by the media and corrupt medical establishment Click Here for Details

Fascism Comes to Texas?

Armed agents arrest parents for speaking out against a corrupt school board. This is what Democrats want across the country Click Here for Details

Uhhh, About That Strategic Oil Release

1/3 of it is being exported to India and China??? Click Here for Story

Riots in the Solomons

Australia sends “peacekeepers” to control the angry population Click Here for Details

Media Now Ignores Waukesha Massacre

A black terrorist killing whites doesn’t match the media narrative they are pushing Click Here for Story

Do You Really Trust Globalism?

A Chinese Security official being elected to INTERPOL governance body? Click Here for Details

Wait…Didn’t We Call travel Bans Xenophobic and Racist?

Biden Admin now going to use travel bans from Africa? Click Here for Story

Spot On…

Marcus Arbery does it right to help de-escalate racial tensions and says “All Lives Matter” after his son’s murderers are found guilty Click Here for Story

Can Republicans Stand Up For The Rest of Us?

Its time for the GOP to fight back as hard as the people they represent Click Here for Details

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