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Protesters prepare to hit the streets no matter who wins election Click Here for Story

Polls Tightening

Are Dems worrying? Click Here for Story

McRib McReturn?

McDonalds will bring back iconic sandwich nationwide this winter Click Here for Story

Wherever Two Or More Gather Outside Homes, Not Wearing Face Mask Subject To $1,000 Fine

An exception would be if the two people were swimming together, but even then a face mask is ‘strongly encouraged’Read more

Minorities Moving Toward Trump

The minority community is waking up to the Democrat lies Click Here for Story

Tips Optional, But Dine-In Service Now Requires Leaving Name And Phone Number

Schools, businesses must turn over names of those ‘with possible COVID-19 exposure’Read more

Election Security

DHS Prepares for violence during election Click Here for Story

COVID Not The Only Killer: Pandemic’s ‘Excess Deaths’ Could Include Some From Government’s Response

Suspending medical screenings and nonessential treatments also have costsRead more

Reaping What They Sowed

Hard-line Muslim protesters march on French Embassy, hang Macron in effigy

Islamic extremism and backlash to it is getting critical in France Click Here for Story

The Biden Cabinet

These Potential Biden Cabinet Members Should Terrify Capitalists

And why you should be scared of it Click Here for Story

Democrats Will Destroy America

"Nothing is off the table for next year” if Democrats take control of Congress, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

The future is at stake on November 3rd Click Here for Details

What Are They Scared Of?

Biden Obama rallies are not open to public Click Here for Story

Why He Supports Trump

Former Biden supporter explains why he is voting for Donald Trump Click Here for Details and Video

Vouched For…

This Democrat Congressman vouches for Tony Bobulinsky Click Here for Story

Antifa Anti-Semites

Antifa attacks Jews who are supporting Trump Click Here for Story

Walmart Walks Back

After stopping sales of guns and ammunition Walmart returns them to sales floor Click Here for Details

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