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Biden’s Krystallnacht?

Joe Biden’s Brownshirt FBI raid 35 Trump supporters and allies. The Republic is almost dead. Voters have one last chance to remove every Democrat so the Federal government agencies can have a house cleaning of the corruption Click Here for Details #RAD #RemoveAllDemocrats

Will We Find the SCOTUS Leaker?

Justice Gorsuch speaks out on the still unknown leaker at the Supreme Court Click Here for Details

Euro-Nazi Interfering in US Elections?

Why is a billionaire German involving himself in US elections? What is he afraid of? Click Here for Story

Dirty Dana

Deadline Detroit | Starkman: AG Dana Nessel -- Michigan's Real-Life  'Chuckles the Clown'

Michigan AG Dana Nessel looks to investigate her political rival in another unabashed abuse of her political office Click Here for Details

Whitmer, Granholm push for EVs and a slimmer auto industry

U.S. energy secretary and former governor Jennifer Granholm supports a ban on the sale of gas vehicles

Judicial Corruption

Not surprising that a Clinton appointed Judge, Donald Middlebrooks, would dismiss a Trump lawsuit against Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

What The Global Elite and Media DON’T Want You to Know

21 Facts that you should be aware of Click Here for Story

Corruption Goes All the Way to Wall Street?

Biden’s SEC chairman tied to payments for the phony Russian dossier that the Clinton Campaign constructed ? Click Here for Story

Will Georgia Smarten Up?

In Georgia, Walker's the best bet against Warnock's failed agenda | The Hill

IS polling correct on the Georgi a Senate race? Will Georgians dump socialist Warnock for Herschel Walker Click Here for Details

The Defrauding of America Continues

Biden admin sending even more money to disappear into Ukraine Click Here for Story

Politicians Are Unaccountable With Our Money

It is long past time for a new system to hold elected officials accountable with our tax dollars Click Here for Story

Corruption Collusion

The dirty DOJ and FBI are colluding with the media in attacking Trump Click Here for Story

For the Love of Pedo Pete…

New York City Pride on Twitter: "Dr. Demetre Daskalakis is recognized  internationally as an expert in HIV prevention and has focused much of his  career on the prevention and treatment of HIV

Look who Biden appointed as the Monkey Pox Czar? Click Here for Story

Yes There IS Racism

And its coming from the Democrat Party and its candidates Click Here for Details

Vaccine Related Death Rate Rise?

Some of the most vaccinated countries are experiencing huge jumps in death rates Click Here for Story

Bill Barr IS a Phony and A Failure

Barr shows he’s not an equal justice lawman Click Here for Story

John Kerry’s Big Carbon Footprint

While he complains about Americans carbon footprint the so called Biden Climate Czar contributes a huge amount to it Click Here for Details

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