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Never Forget

September 11 Attacks: Health Problems for Survivors

Americans need to remember. Relive the timeline Click Here for Story

Its Not About Safety…

Vaccine Mandates: Its about CONTROL…of YOU Click Here for Story

Emperor Has No Shame?

Biden brazenly dismisses any arguments about his anti-Constitutional mandate over reach Click Here for Story

Parents Upset At Saginaw Valley’s Late Change To COVID Testing and Vaccination Policies

University requires more virus tests for unvaccinated students Read more

Democrats Love Their Hate Crimes

Assault on Larry Elder by California liberals was a horrendous racial injustice Click Here for Details

OSHA The Big Stick…

That Fascist Joe will use to force vaccine mandates on unwilling Americans? Click Here for Story

Dangerous Technology

DeepFace Live could be used for the wrong reasons? Click Here for Details

Mandate NOT Legal

No legal basis for Biden’s Un-Constitutional Vaccine Mandate to private companies Click Here for Story

Flip Floppers or Hypocrites Pushing An Authoritarian Agenda?

Pelosi is just one of the many Democrats who previously said no to mandates Click Here for Details

Land of Opportunity?

Is Afghanistan the land of opportunity for China and Russia? Click Here for Story

The Vaccinated Are MORE Likely to Develop Covid Symptoms?

New study sees surprising results about who is getting sick and how vaccine efficacy is dropping Click Here for Story

Fighting Back Against Federal Fascism

GOP Governors will fight any Biden mandates Click Here for Details

3rd Party Talk

Andrew Yang plans an alternative to the Democrat party? Click Here for Story

More Proof of a Stolen Election?

More “Unknown Ballots” than Biden’s alleged margin of victory in Georgia and Pennsylvania Click Here for Story

Mocking US

China mocks the US debacle in Afghanistan Click Here for Details

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