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Red Ohio?

Can JD Vance overcome Socialist Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio Senate race? Click Here for Story

NOT In Democrats Backyard!

Democrats quickly bus illegal immigrants off of liberal Martha’s Vineyard showing their hypocrisy with an open border Click Here for Details

Letter: Gov. Whitmer followed the political science on COVID-19

Since June 2021, Whitmer has embraced a limited-government approach to COVID

Democrats Can’t Handle the Heat When Its In “Their” Kitchen

Democrat mayors and governors want the DOJ to bring charges against Abbott and DeSantis for “sharing” the overwhelming number of illegals invading Texas and Florida Click Here for Story

Special Master Granted

Trump wins victory to get Special Master in corrupt FBI Mar-A-Lago raid Click Here for Details

Crushing Americans

Biden’s inflation is severley hurting Americans especially those who can least afford it Click Here for Story

Vaccine Causing Net Harm…

Study finds Covid boosters are causing “net” harm in young adults Click Here for Details

Ruining American Energy Independence

Biden Admin has leased the smallest amount of land for oil development since the 1940s Click Here for Story

Gotta Love MTG!

Anti-gun activists confront Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in Washington.

Rep Greene takes down anti- gun mob Click Here for Story

Democrats Want You To Freeze to Death?

Another Democrat candidate open admits there will be no new pipelines and old ones should shut down? Click Here for Details

Common Sense

GOP Freedom caucus tells Republicans to stop working with and funding the Democrat agenda? Click Here for Story

Weasel McCarthy?

kevin mccarthy looks on

Just another reason why elitist House Minority Leader McCarthy should not be in control of Congress in 2023 Click Here for Details

FBI Whistle Blowers Know…

The FBI is trying to find domestic enemies in “White Supremacy” , the problem is there isn’t very much Click Here for Story

Out of Touch or Flat Out Liars?

(Screen Capture)

The Biden Admin seems to be agreeing with lying VP Kamala Harris that the US border is secure despite millions pouring in since Biden took office Click Here for Story

Smearing MAGA

Joe Biden criticizing 'Ultra-MAGA' Republicans

It’s a political ploy by the Democrats to retain and further abuse their power Click Here for Details

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