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Justice Ginsburg Dies

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at 87 years of age Click Here for Story

The Block of Tik Tok?

Trump Admin will begin blocking downloads on Sunday? Click Here for Details

Being PC Can Get You in Trouble?

President of Princeton University says racism is embedded in his institution and now they’re being investigated? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Big Ten Campuses Deemed High Risk For COVID-19 Yet Football Continues

Read more

Investigating Antifa

FBI Director confirms the violent group is under investigation Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Football Flip-Flops Look Like Politics Not ‘Science’

Initially against it, governor reversed course after presidential politics entered the mixRead more

Early Voting Begins

Early voting begins in Minnesota, other states ahead of November election

Minnesota has now started their early voting process Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Coffee beats cancer? Click Here for Story

Phony Joe

Democrat Joe Biden has joined several CNN town halls moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper. (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Has a jobs plan…but no details Click Here for Details

The Dark Side

Left wing dark money is swaying the election? Click Here for Story

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Dana Perino Asks Woodward: Why Not Come Forward Sooner if You Were Concerned About Trump's COVID Take?

Bob Woodward is the consummate TDS sufferer Click Here for Story


Covid coverup gets explosive Click Here for Video and story

Quotes from Dementia Joe

They aren’t just gaffes anymore Click Here for Details

The Russia EU Wedge

Poisoning of political opponent puts a strain on Russia EU relations Click Here for Story

The Set Up…

Democrats looking for UN interference in US election? Click Here for Story

Horrific Indeed

Fox News protection of George Soros is disturbing Click Here for Story

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