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Did The Feds Instigated the January 6th Violence?

Facts to know about FBI informants at the protests Click Here for Story

Elissa Slotkin: CIA Carpetbagger

Incumbent Rep Elissa Slotkin is bad for Michigan but good for the elite socialist criminals running the Democrat party Click Here for Details

Michigan Department of Education tells teachers it’s OK to hide pronouns from parents

A teacher at Traverse City Public Schools uses gender preference forms as an icebreaker. Why?

KJP: Flat Out Liar

Biden Admin is represented by a flat out lying press secretary Click Here for Details

Federals Government IS Unaccountable

Mis-spending trillions of taxpayer dollars and just plain losing billions more Click Here for Story

Italy to Go Hard Right?

Will this weekends election drag Italy away from the insane elitist politics of the socialist left? Click Here for Story

JCPA: Some GOP Senators Have Conflicting Views

Whats the truth about the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA)? Click Here for Details

The Biden Economy: BAD

Wall Street loses all gains since Biden took office Click Here for Story

The Fed: Just Bad for America and They’ve Proven It

Why does the US use the Federal Reserve they don’t know what they are doing Click Here for Story

Iran On the Brink? …Again?

Protests erupt against the terrorist Islamic government but the world is too cowardly to help? Click Here for Details

The Media’s … AND America’s Disgrace

A violent liberal murders a Republican 18 year old, the mainstream media refuses to cover it and Democrats ignore it Click Here for Story

WTF? IS Harris a Complete Imbecile?

Vice President Kamala Harris talks to students in a political science class on the campus of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Vice President says sending illegal immigrants to Democrat run sanctuary cities is inhumane while the Biden Admin is shipping illegals all over the country in the middle of the night Click Here for Details

The Stupidity of American National Security

America let Chinese work on American nuclear projects and then wonder why 154 of them defect back to China and take all the information they learned with them Click Here for Story

Americans Know the Democrats Are Wrong on Sanctuary Cities and an Having an Open Border

New polling shows American voters see through the hypocrisy of Democrats and liberals on illegal immigration Click Here for Details

Who Is Controlling Biden?

Another Biden whisper seems to show he’s being coached on speaking? Click Here for Details

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