The News You Need to Know Sunday April 25, TheDailyDrift.Com

Loving Montana

Montana becomes a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary state Click Here for Story

Will We See the Truth in Arizona?

Ultra violet testing to see if ballots are real? Click Here for Details

‘COVID Knows No Boundaries’ – Michigan Excepted?

This state’s coronavirus spike appears to stop at the state line Read more

Losing Police

Democrat and liberal lies are causing cops to quit and slowing recruitment Click Here for Story

States Fight Back

Texas AG sues Biden Admin again Click Here for Details

Islamists Sense Weakness

And continue executing Christians again Click Here for Story

Masks Hurting Vaccination Program?

telling vaccinated people to keep wearing masks is causing others to doubt the vaccine? Click Here for Story

Biden Policies Causing Inflation?

If gas goes up so does everything else Click Here for Details

No Science to Social Distancing?

MIT study shows 60 ft no better than 6 ft indoors? Click Here for Story

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