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Democrats Raise Taxes and Regulations

Pelosi’s House passes Inflation act which will raise taxes, prices on the middle class in the middle of a recession Click Here for Story

When National Security Goes Bad

Government has gotten so big they no longer serve the people they control the people Click Here for Story

Yes There Still Is An Islamic Extremist Problem

Media pushes the phony right wing extremist problem but the attack on Salman Rushdie shows Islam has the real terrorists Click Here for Details

EVs and solar panels have moral and environmental trade-offs, too

Slave labor and dirty environmental practices make green energy far from clean

Time to Defund the FBI

America’s formerly premier law enforcement unit has become a corrupt and partisan enforcement unit Click Here for Story

Have gun, will audit: With 87K new IRS agents, how many will be armed?

Among the duties of an IRS criminal investigation special agent: ‘Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary’ Read more

From the Science Side…

Turn those lights off at night for your health Click Here for Story

Too Cold or Too Hot…

Solar panels are unreliable even in sunny heat waves? Click Here for Story

What IS the Biden Admin Hiding?

Samantha Powers tells staff to not answer questions without lawyers? Click Here for Story

How Is This Going Green?

Scotland cuts down 14 million trees to make room for wind turbines? Click Here for Story

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