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Poisoning America

Biden’s open border is allowing in enough to drugs to kill every American Click Here for Story

Republic Nearing Its End?

Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy what’s left of America Click Here for Story

The public will be heard: a lesson from Patmos Library

What did we learn from a failed millage for a West Michigan library?Read more

Sue the FBI and DOJ?

Will Trump take legal action for the raid on Mar-A-Lago? Click Here for Story

CNN Axing the Help

Brian Stelter is just the beginning of firings at loser cable channel CNN Click Here for Details

Economic Suicide?

Western governments seem to be destroying the economies of the First World Click Here for Story

Vacuuming Prairie Dogs?

An odd but profitable business now up for sale Click Here for Details

Actor Tim Robbins…Supports the Non-Vaccinated?

You’d never expect a red pill in this neck of Hollywood? Click Here for Story

The Human Cost of the Green New Deal

Renewables aren’t only unreliable, materially and developmentally costly they take a huge toll on the human race Click Here for Details

The Money Laundering Never Stops?

Yet even more money is being pumped into the black hole of Ukraine Click Here for Story

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