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Democrats set to punish American taxpayers with more outrageous spending Click Here for Story

Will Work for Food?

Would North Korea send troops to help Russia in Ukraine in exchange for grain and fuel? Click Here for Details

Michigan government lacking in transparency

The Mackinac Center supports the right of the people to know what their governments are doing

A Taste of the Border Disaster

Democrat cities are crying about a few illegals bussed into their cities while border towns are decimated Click Here for Story

Now Polio Is Back

Are immune systems now compromised or is mass illegal immigration bringing diseases back to the USA? Click Here for Story

Jobs Report Has a Hidden Issue

More job creation is because people are taking second jobs to afford to live under Bidenflation? Click Here for Details

The Left is Going Full Nazi

PM Orban calls it like we see it, the left is pushing tyranny Click Here for Story

Democrat Covid Hypocrisy

In order to get their votes in the Senate Democrats tell Senators don’t test for Covid if you think you’re sick? Click Here for Story

Changing History

Woke agenda is distorting the history of America’s founders Click Here for Story

Conservatives Need to Play Smarter

Democrats fight hard for their insane agenda and Republicans better learn to Click Here for Details

EVs Have Their Own Issues

Not the solution the media and left want you to believe Click Here for Story

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