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President signs Executive Order to help the unemployed and help the Covid virus stimulus issue Click Here for Story

Its Finally Getting Aired

Will the media finally confront the Clintons about Epstein connections Click Here for Story

New Mandate: Two Weeks Of Self-Lockdown After 15 Minutes With Person Who Has Sore Throat

Applies to any one of ‘principal’ COVID-19 symptoms including severe headache, vomiting and fever

Whitmer’s Latest Order: Two-Year-Olds Must Mask Up On The Bus

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What the Heck?

Hasbro toy maker is putting out a disgusting doll Click Here for Story

Met With Joe?

Does Governor Whitmer still have a shot at VP ? Click Here for Details

Deep State Pick


Susan Rice is all that is wrong with untrustworthy government Click Here for Story

Biden Sides with Anti-Religion Forces ?

Why a Democrat win would hurt your way of life Click Here for Details

Stop Protecting the Violent

Rioting is seditious violence and must be stopped Click Here for Story

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