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The Software Steal is Proven

Dominion Voting machines were stealing votes from Trump to Biden Click Here for Details

Not The End

Texas case was just one of many paths Click Here for Details

Jan. 1 State Minimum Wage Hike Likely Suspended Due To High Unemployment

State’s 10.2% unemployment rate elevated by epidemic and lockdownsRead more

The Party of Hate

Democrats push Pelosi to try and punish Republican House members who supported Texas suit Click Here for Story

Michigan Workers’ Incomes Up Since Right-To-Work Became Law

Union activists’ ‘right to work for less’ snarks had it exactly backwardsRead more

Final Hurdle

FDA passes 1st Covid vaccine Click Here for Story

Treated Differently

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) (Photo by JIM LO SCALZO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Democrats get Defensive briefings before taking office Republicans get set up ? Click Here for Story

Jericho March

Protests to circle contested State capitols Click Here for Details

Getting Nukes

Iran marches on toward nuclear missile capability Click Here for Story

Concentrated Corruption

Why Some States Are Ripe for Election Fraud

Swing states were ripe for election fraud due to high concentrations of population and Democrat policies Click Here for Details

The Long Game

The surge in Socialism and radicalism was born in the 60s Click Here for Story

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