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Where Are the Whistleblower Protections?

Georgia poll workers who spoke up about election fraud are being fired Click Here for Details

Arizona Fraud Video

See the latest in election fraud video Click Here for Details

Elaborate Propane Commission Scheme May Be About Pipeline Shutdown

Another voice for industry that serves more than 300,000 in state

The “Woke” are Disgraceful

De-Prioritize the elderly white people from getting the vaccine? Click Here for Details

No Large School District In Michigan Has Opened Classrooms

They’re limiting more than 200,000 students to online instruction onlyRead more

Was the US Government Blindsided by Hackers?

Or did the Deep State Bureaucrats allow and encourage it? Click Here for Details

Adverse Reactions?

Reports of bad reactions to the Covid vaccines Click Here for Story

Did FBI Know of Swalwell’s China Spy Issue?

Report sows he should not have been on the House Intel Committee Click Here for Story

Why the Silence?

Uyghurs hold a rally near the White House in October. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)

Muslim world wonders why Chinese abuse of
Uyghurs is ignored by the media and the world Click Here for Details

Blaming Russia but Was It Really Them?

Intel community seems to be ignoring Chinese threat to blame Russia on hacks? Click Here for Details

The Pitbull

Press Secretary McEnany tears into the biased press pool Click Here for Details and Video

The Democrat Plantation

Per usual the Democrats are using and weaponizing the black community in an election Click Here for Story

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