The News YOU Need to Know Sunday February 21, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

American Media Is Compromised

American MSM ignoring real news to favor Democrat control Click Here for Story

Flooding the Labor Market

Biden, Big Tech and special interests are getting ready to flood the US with cheap labor Click Here for Story

Wasting Taxpayer Money

$767 million spent on what?? Click Here for Story

Fewer Teachers Get Required Assessments With COVID, But Results The Same

As usual, about 1% found minimally effective or worseRead more

Western Culture

Why are so many people trying to destroy it? Click Here for Details

How Ironic…

Russia calls out Biden Admin for violating Trump supporter’s human rights Click Here for Story

Bowing to Iran

Biden Admin looks to go back to appeasement strategy with Iran Click Here for Details

Capitol Attack Collusion

CNN paid Antifa Activist in Capitol riot Click Here for Story

Weaponizing Government

Democrats want to expand government to strengthen their hold on power Click Here for Details

Criminal Cuomo

New York’s governor is looking very corrupt Click Here for Story

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