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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2023 Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

welcome to 2023

Exactly What’s Wrong with Washington

Pulling The Right Strings. The Power of Lobby Money Controls Current  Congress. Campaign Donations Have Massive Dark Money, Influence, Power, &  Are Undisclosed – Fixes and Solutions

Lobbying and $millions involved between lobbyists and Congress Click Here for Story

Its All About Control

Government is weaponizing public health to control populations Click Here for Details

MSU employees who object to vaccine mandate present case to U.S. Court of Appeals

Three employees faced discipline for refusing a COVID shot

He’s The Science?

David Amoroso's Artistic Journey From Mexican Icons To Dr. Fauci | Hola  Cultura

Fauci the egomaniac...Click Here for Story

Zelensky the Upcoming Dictator

As the US pours money into Ukraine to keep it free from Russia it’s President is consolidating his power by controlling the media Click Here for Story

Democrats Cozy Up Even More to Communists

Democrat Senator Ron Wyden spends holiday with Cuba’s Communist President Click Here for Story

For Black Communities The GOP IS a Better Choice

Democrat have proven themselves users and abusers of the black community and the black vote. Its time for a change. Click Here for Story

The Latest on Negative Efficacy of Covid Vaccines

This may not end well Click Here for Details

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